March 14, 2024

Identity and Change – Inspired by “Criminal”

Recently, on a flight back from New Zealand, I stumbled upon a film called "Criminal" that did just that. While I typically use airplane time for reading and catching up on work, this movie offered an unexpected opportunity for reflection.

"Criminal" falls under the classic "secret agent" genre, but with a unique twist. Our protagonist, a covert operative, carries crucial information that could prevent a devastating terrorist attack in London. Unfortunately, he's captured and tortured before he can reach headquarters. Though technically dead, he's kept on life support until a solution can be found.

Following a near-death experience, the agent's critical memories become the key to stopping the attack. To retrieve them, a controversial surgery transplants the memories into the brain of a death-row convict, played by Kevin Costner.

The twist lies in the convict's character. He's a hardened criminal with a history of violence, seemingly lacking empathy. Yet, as the memories take hold, a transformation begins. He starts exhibiting unexpected behaviors, questioning his past actions, and even showing signs of care.

This movie got me thinking about the power of perspective and its influence on our actions. The central question is: Can our thoughts and memories shape who we are?

Consider this as an exercise in self-discovery. Think of someone you admire, someone who embodies the qualities you aspire to possess. What kind of thoughts and behaviour patterns do you associate with them?

Imagine adopting their perspective. How would you approach situations differently if you had their thought process?

This doesn't suggest becoming someone else entirely. Instead, it's about drawing inspiration from individuals you admire. By understanding their thought patterns and how they handle challenges, you can gain valuable insights to navigate your own experiences.

If you're interested in exploring personal growth and transformation, I invite you to connect with me to discuss possibilities. Together, we can explore strategies to help you achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life.