August 18, 2023

Identifying Hidden Fear Drivers for Goal Achievement

Why identifying your hidden drivers of fear is the first step towards goal achievement

Training the team at Hornsby BMW, on the Psychology of Personal Performance.

One of the most important things to think about is how you think today vs how you think in the future, because it’s so important to minimize wasting time and energy on wasted emotions.

What you think creates emotions which leads to the actions you take

Ultimately it’s costs you emotionally and financially

There is no better place to start than to write your goals and then write all the obstacles that are going to impact on you.

Sometimes those obstacles are:
-Self created-our mind
-External events -we can’t control
-Other people - we can’t control

Becoming aware of these thoughts allows you to be prepared and develop strategies to deal with them

Once a goal is written down a form of energy is released from you and you begin to contemplate action.

The same thing happens when obstacles are identified, they can begin to lose their power over you as well. You can choose to think differently to take better actions

One of the insights the team learnt was to stop becoming a hostage to your emotions as they are the results of thoughts.

Choose your thoughts wisely because the actions will follow afterwards

Get clear on your goals