July 20, 2023

How to Trigger the Hot Buttons in Your Clients

How to trigger the hot buttons in your clients?

How identifying the Decision Triggers in your client's decision-making process will assist you to close deals faster?

The first thing to realize is that most people make decisions very quickly and generally without needing too much information

Pausing to think carefully about what we should do is not often possible, sometimes we just don’t have that time for every decision.

For many decisions we use mostly subconscious shortcuts.
If you understand this it provides an opportunity to use a number of persuasive techniques that bypass conscious processes.

People have needs, while you might not be able to change them, you can stimulate them.

Too many salespeople waste time and energy trying to change needs not understanding if you can identify the needs the client will close themselves

In fact, if you use the questioning process you’ll have clients making the decision to go with you quickly without pushing you to lower your price.
In fact, often the client will probably build an unconscious connection with you without realizing it.