June 26, 2015


After Truth Vs Belief, we are now at the point of deciding how to go after our goals. Knowing what you want is important as it guides your thinking and actions.

In my classes I like to make it easier for people to analyse a goal and also to analyse what could potentially stop them from taking the first step. Here is a simple exercise I get them to do:

  1. State your Goal - be clear about your goal, what you want.

  2. Why Do you Want It? - What is the purpose behind wanting that goal?  Why do you want it?
    For example, many people feel they need a lot of money to be happy.  Why?  What does money do for you that makes you happy?

  3. What is stopping you from taking the first step?
    Using our example above, what has stopped from going after that goal until now?  What has stopped you from making more money?  Is it opportunity?  Is it lack of drive?  Is it qualifications?  What is it?

  4. Question the belief - Could you find a way around it? Could you not do something that doesn't require a lot of money to be happy?  Or, instead of saying there is no opportunity, can you create opportunity?  Be more driven?  Maybe do a course or try to get experience doing something that will help you to earn more money.

What we want to do is question all the reasons why we can't do something... rationally. Turn the emotional thinking down and start to be rational in our decision making. This is important when examining goals we want and have not achieved. It is understanding when to turn off the emotional brain and kick the rational brain into action.

If you examine military strategy, this is one of the reasons why the decision makers always view progress rationally and make decisions rationally, though they may compromise lives on occasion to win the war. For many people this is what is called internal conflict. The emotional self wants immediate gratification which overrides the rational every time. This is what stops us from achieving our goals.

If you would like a form to get you started on this goal setting process, please email me on and I will send you a tool to start.