March 25, 2024

How Important Is Pronunciation in Sales?

IT's everything!

Great communicators know the tonal shifts, correct pronunciation of words, and the use of pauses that separate them from the average salesperson. Listen to Obama or John F Kennedy speak, that’s delivery!

Perception is reality, and how you speak influences how people perceive you. People form opinions about you in milliseconds.
What's your opinion of the writer who sends you an email, littered with spelling and punctuation mistakes?

Wouldn't it make sense to maybe practice this...a lot?

Just like Oscar-winning actors, sales professionals must practice delivering their lines with natural ease. Training the telemarketing team at Namoli, we practiced saying particular words in the script many times because the way certain words are spoken can have a huge impact on whether the person will listen and give you the time or hang up.
Usually, there's no second chance to reengage with the client.

What’s the ROI? Huge, in some cases as much as 45% in 3 months. It’s worth working on this area. Sales craft is a continual improvement process. There’s a saying, "amateurs practice until they get it right, experts practice until they can’t get it wrong!" The way to become the best you can be is to practice the right areas.

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