August 03, 2023

How Far Should You Push The Client To Explain Their Position?

Have you ever wondered how far should you push the client to explain their position?

During a recent training session, we delved into the concept of Decision Triggers.

This was a session where the team was taught that it's okay to dig deep, challenge the client's answers, and not accept them at face value initially.

As a salesperson, how often do you hear answers from clients, and deep down, you know there's more to it, but you're not sure how to ask?

Imagine if you knew how to question the client in a way that made them feel comfortable in sharing all the relevant information. It could make the whole sale easier for everyone involved.

The team learned that it's important to understand the deeper meanings behind a client's answers because sometimes even the clients themselves may not fully grasp them.

This process is called self-discovery.

Your role is to help the client understand that sometimes what they want is not necessarily what they need.

It's a very similar process to seeing a therapist. A skilled therapist will ask you questions to dig deeper so you can find the answers, leading to greater clarity. The same principle applies to your interactions with clients.

By following this process, you'll achieve a deeper, genuine emotional connection with your client, fostering a stronger working relationship.