April 05, 2023

How do you get the client to say Yes without sounding salesy?

In sales, one of the most important concepts is to understand what information you need from the client to be able to use the ‘Yes set’, which is get the client agreeing with you at least 3 times to move forward in the sales process.

What most salespeople do is is ask things that are totally unimportant to the client, thinking or hoping they will say Yes.

For example, in technology sales “XYZ software from ABC vendor will exactly suit your needs, don’t you think?”

This is a simple example but you will be surprised at how many times I’ve heard this from salespeople three minutes into a meeting.

This often makes clients feel like they are being manipulated.
In order to do this well it is crucial that you find the clients’ true psychological values.

For example when you ask people what’s important about buying a Porsche, the answers can range from looking successful to having a fun car to drive. However, if you dig deeper you might find that while they want a Porsche they don’t want the stress attached to paying for it. So they settle for a cheaper car that doesn’t cause financial strain. This is one of the reasons why the client may suddenly change their mind.
These values are often not communicated to the salesperson but are silent internal triggers. It is therefore, important to deploy the correct questioning technique to be able to understand the underlying values which are Decision Triggers.

Values are the emotional filters through which decisions are made.

This is not a long drawn out process but can often just take minutes, if not seconds.

Once the triggers are identified then it’s possible to utilise the ‘yes set’ in the correct fashion to actually build the motivation of the client to make a decision.

Once you know how to do this the decision to buy is just as fast as the decision not to buy.