September 19, 2023

How Do You Change a Closed Mind?

Imagine facing a hesitant customer, fixated on the nitty-gritty details. How can you break through this barrier and create an atmosphere of openness and potential? 🤔

Have you ever noticed certain clients lose sight of why they are meeting you in the first place and start to become resistant just to be resistant and hold onto their opinions even when it doesn’t make sense?

What most salespeople sometimes fail to realise is that interaction with clients ebbs and flows, much like a relationship. Sometimes your partner might not see your point of view and no matter what you say the more you try to change their mind the more they dig their heels in.
We all know that it's not going anywhere where you want the decision to go.

Here's the secret: Every "No" holds the key to a resounding "Yes," waiting to be discovered through skillful navigation along the path of possibilities.
You must learn the art of skill questioning to determine if the client is stuck in the detail or has their heads in the clouds because it impacts the question choice and strategy.
This is important to do for a number of reasons and one is sometimes the client gets confused because they have too many options and you need to reduce them or the client may need more options to loosen their thinking, Knowing when and how to do it is the art.

Curious to unravel this transformative key? Discover the answer in the video below.

Integrate this invaluable tip into your sales arsenal and brace yourself for astounding results! 💪 Success awaits on the other side of applying these insights.