March 10, 2023

How do use reverse psychology to motivate clients to buy from you?

What are the risks of using reverse psychology?


Have you ever noticed that when you tell a child “don’t jump in the puddle!” The child jumps in the puddle and then another child listens.

As a parent, you’re thinking why does that happen?
One child does the opposite and one child complies?

Understanding who to use this strategy on is crucial because if you use this on a person whose childhood was about complying with instructions from their parents, you run the risk of them agreeing with you and not going ahead.

One of the signs I look for which allows me to use reverse psychology is when everything I say, the client counters with a different opinion.
Have you heard this said…” yes, but”

For example, if you were to say to someone who wants to buy a car but you feel that it’s too expensive for them, they’ll buy the car just to prove to you that they can afford it.

You need to have the ability to read a client effectively, and understand early in the discovery process if they’re agreeing with your suggestions or not, otherwise, you’ll be guessing.

This is what influence is.
Valuable skill…right?

This can seriously improve your conversions by over 25% if you know how.