September 20, 2023

How Do Mental Skills Impact Sales Success?

How we manage our minds pretty much determines how well we manage our life!

What the immediate cost is!
Why do most people miss how important the development of mental skills is in the areas of developing high-performance skills, be it in sales or sports?

For example, you have a good month, hit your targets, and then the next month suddenly you find yourself in a negative mindset and you’re not sure how it happened, sort of snuck up on you and pervaded your thoughts and suddenly you find yourself questioning your role your abilities, so what happened?

As the pursuit of professional excellence continues, it becomes increasingly evident that our mental skills play a pivotal role in shaping our success journey.

What most people struggle with is to understand the nature of emotions. Yes, they are real when you are experiencing them, but no one actually spends time to figure out what actually caused that emotion. Was it a fact, was it a feeling, did other people who influenced your thinking? What was the event or stimulus that caused you to experience that emotion?

Your mental skills take centre stage as a salesperson facing a challenging month when you are not meeting targets, you’re struggling to stay positive, and everything seems a struggle.

The real key is developing an understanding of emotions and questioning how they were generated within you…what stimulated THAT EMOTION?

There are four areas causes that can stimulate different types of emotions that you need to understand which are being created in your mind.

1. In the Situation-Is the emotion you are feeling the right one for that situation? Y/N?
2. How do Express that emotion, will it get you the goal that you want? Y/N?
3. How and can you Stop yourself from expressing unpleasant emotions and instead turn them into emotions that will lead to better actions by you? Y/N?
4. Can you develop the awareness to stop these emotions from repeating and shutting your ability to think rationally? Y/N

If you think about the areas where you lack emotional control, they have a profound impact on your success in life. The Economic and Person cost is huge.

Unfortunately, many people feel overwhelmed, which generates unhelpful emotions as everything seems to be a priority which results in hopelessness.

Now imagine in the same event and instead, you feel motivated, which generates emotions of action.

Same event different emotional choice. Different result.

THINK about it this way.
One month everything works
The next month you’re off and everything is hard.

It's not like your skills have suddenly disappeared in one month, but your mindset has.

The difference to your bottom line… almost immediate.

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