May 08, 2024

How Can You Perform Consistently?

Most training is focused on what I call skills-based training, which are required if there is no skill base, such opening a conversation.

The only challenge with that approach is it assumes that all people learn the same way, that they use thinking to learn.

The Summary of Effective Performance and Personal States are:
How you think about an experience in terms of:
· Images
· Internal dialogue
· Emotions(Mood)
· Cognitions(Thinking process)
How your body language(physiology) is and changes in terms of:
· Breath
· Voice
· Gestures
· Body Posture

Simple way to test this.
Think about a time when you were on fire, closing deals like there is no tomorrow and then think about when you were struggling. How good does it feel when you are in that Zone? It’s like magic, everything you touch turns to gold.

There is a big difference in all those factors above, right?.

Change all those factors, change the result.

The first step in self-correction is BREATHING FIRST.
Your state of mind under pressure acts as a filter and bias in receiving and interpreting messages.
Deliberate Breathing under pressure leads to slowing the speed of information being processed by the brain and body, leading to quicker and better decisions under pressure.

A great deal of what happens in sales or in sports during an effective performance is unconscious. A lot of “The GOOD” stuff often happens outside of conscious awareness. It just happens, it’s called FLOW.

Personally, playing and coaching tennis(a long time ago), we all knew the importance of breathing and slowing our heart and brain to think rationally about the next point. Same applies in sales. The real benefit is you develop it as a habit, which leads to feeling in control of how you think.
Yes it does take time, but important skills do.