April 22, 2020

How Behavioural Psychology Can Improve Customer Interactions

Customers can be quite challenging to service and handle. It requires a careful approach if you want to keep them happy. Luckily, the field of behavioural psychology has a lot to say about this topic. Studies have uncovered many techniques that you can use to make sure your customers remain satisfied.

Let’s explore some of the best findings.

1.Make Them Feel Important

Every one of us has an inherent need to feel valued, even if we might not realise it. It’s a basic human need, and one that you have to appeal to the most when talking to your customers. 

Your main goal should be letting them know that they have your undivided attention. Show them that you truly care about their problem and that you’ll go above and beyond to solve it. Even the hardest people will appreciate this.

According to a study, 78% of people didn’t go through with a purchase because of a poor experience. Making people feel valued can significantly lower this number.

2.Play to Their Emotions

Another thing that we all have in common is that everything we do stems from emotions. No matter how logical a decision might feel to you, it’s almost certain that there was an emotion component behind it.

When talking to your customers, listen to the emotions behind everything that they say. Acknowledge them and see what you can do to create a more positive emotional charge.

3.Understand the ‘Halo’ Effect

In a nutshell, the ‘Halo’ effect explains that people base most of their decisions on first impression. If you get it right from the get-go, you’ll have no trouble talking to your customers in the future.

The issue is that negative impressions are much more powerful than positive. For this reason, you need to make sure that you start every conversation on a positive note.

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