Frontier was founded in 1991 by Pancho Mehrotra to deliver transformational change to companies in Australia. Traditionally most companies were transaction focused with their customers. Now companies need to be focused on transformation, to build long term client relationships.

Frontier is the company Pancho wished had existed when he started his career over 25 years ago. Early on, Pancho wanted to understand why he felt particular emotions that were affecting his results and the more he understood himself, the better his life’s outcomes were. This began a lifetime of learning, trialing and refining his strategies allowing Pancho to ultimately help others shortcut this process and see real, lasting change faster.

Pancho’s core beliefs are that to bring about enduring change, people need more than just technical training but also psychological and communication skills to convert new behaviours into life-long habits.

One constant in life is there will always be adversity and change. Some people thrive with the change and others struggle. The question is, how can you become one of the select few who understand how to handle adversity and thrive in your business environment?

Many people believe that their emotions control their behaviour. In fact, the opposite is true: it is our habitual thoughts that drive our behaviour and actions.

Frontier helps people understand how to modify their behaviour and develop behavioural literacy. Through changing disabling habits and forming new, life-enhancing behaviours you reach your goals more often, more quickly and with greater ease.