March 07, 2023

Have you ever considered how you do what you do?

Why focusing on behavior is the key to achieving your goals!

When salespeople or leaders only focus on results they miss an important ingredient that develops a growth mindset and capability.
It’s a bit of a paradox for many people to understand.

Don’t focus on the result but focus on the behaviors.

Too much thought goes into the desired result and not the desired behaviour. What this means is we don’t often take the action or the right action because without the right actions how can you get the result? SO why not focus on the right behaviours such as resilience?

Our behaviours are determined by a range of stimuli, such as our surroundings which can stimulate automatic behavioural responses, which are our HABITS.

In our first training session with the Ingram Micro cloud team on The Psychology of Personal Performance and Goal Attainment. The team were shown the importance of specific behaviours and how to be aligned mentally to achieve any type of goal especially when you’re not making progress or struggling. Which behaviour was out of sync and how that was impacting their actions.

Behavior is the missing link between planning and results!

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The challenge for most salespeople is behaviours are for the most part unconscious, which means you don’t know you’re doing it. All you see is the reaction, you don’t see what created that reaction.

Has this ever happened to you ?

You’re taking action towards your goals and it’s is going well and suddenly you stop. You can’t understand why you’re not taking any action. You seemed to have lost all motivation!

Why does that change happen in a heartbeat? AND


There are 4 behaviors to pay attention to that need to be in alignment if you are to move forward towards your goals.
1. What you think
2. What you say
3. How you feel
4. How your body language moves

The first behavior is paying attention to your Thinking Language that you use especially under pressure.
Thinking processes are influenced by three other behaviours. It’s important to understand how they affect your mindset and ultimately your choices!

The first takeaway:
Limits exists in WORDS not in the world.
Words used in thinking pretty much indicate what actions you’ll take.