February 09, 2024

Habits Of Successful People

It’s often falling back into old habits that causes us to fail.

As a salesperson, you need to adopt the key habits of successful people.

Here are two of them.

Habit #1 – Cutting Down on Decisions

You have to make decisions constantly during the course of the day.
But what you may not realise is that decision-making drains you. Kathleen D. Vohs, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Minnesota, conducted a study into this. She found that making decisions requires you to deplete the same resources that your brain uses for self-control.

She also found that lots of decision-making weakens physical endurance. Plus, you’re more likely to procrastinate if you have to make lots of decisions.
The truly successful understand this and limit the number of decisions they make during the day. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg and how he wears the same clothes every day as an example.

Habit #2 – They Make Time to Care for Their Minds

When you’re stressed out, you can’t perform to your full potential. The weight of the issue that causes stress also clouds your mind.
You’re not thinking about how to adapt. Instead, you’re just trying to get through the day.

For a salesperson, that means you fall behind even further, which only leads to more stress.
Many successful people, from Michael Jordan through to Oprah Winfrey, meditate to help them relieve stress.

I can help you to do the same using the Frontier Guided Meditation Process.

And that’s not all. With Frontier Performance, you can learn to overcome the issues that prevent you from succeeding as a salesperson.