April 11, 2023

Getting People Committed: A 3-Part Formula

A lot of people think that getting a full commitment from someone is just about having them say "yes"

But it's not that simple. If you really want to close the deal, you have to make sure that the person making the decision is involved in all three parts of the process—their head, their heart, and their hands.

Your presentation should include some sort of physical activity—whether it's writing out a list or drawing up a chart—so that people are engaged in actually making the decision. When they're physically involved, they're more likely to internalize what they've learned (which makes it easier for them to buy).

If you can get someone's head, heart, and hands all engaged in your presentation, you're on your way to getting them fully committed!

As an example the chances of someone buying a car increase by over 50% when people test drive a car. This is one of the reasons why they allow people to take their cars overnight.