For each of the following sets of statements, please select a number from the drop down list to indicate your preferences:

1 = Least descriptive of you
3 = Next best description
2 = Somewhat describing you
4 = Closest to describing you

Please complete all 12 sets of statements. For best results, do not spend a lot of time on each answer - go with your first instinct.
Directions: Place the appropriate number next to each descriptive phrase.
You can only use a number ONCE. No duplications.

1     2     3     4    
Least             Most
2. A Understanding
B Takes charge
C Accurate
D Achiever
3. A Thoughtful of others
B Daring
C Wants all information
D Laughs easily / Witty
4. A Giving
B Does own thing
C Cautious
D Articulate
5. A Will do as instructed
B Risk taker
C Wants things exact
D Persuasive
6. A Humble
B Refuses to give up
C Likes routines
D Leads the pack
7. A Listens and remains calm
B Wants to win
C Deliberate
D Enthusiastic
8. A Flows with the crowd
B Strong personality
C Dependable
D Interesting
9. A Hides feelings
B Courageous
C Has high standards
D Likes to talk
10. A Does not rock the boat
B Speaks openly and boldly
C Plays by the rules
D Gets others involved
11. A Friendly to others
B Decisive
C Wants order
D Outgoing
12. A Wants others involved
B Results driven
C Difficult time deciding
D Optimistic

Note: The total for each letter should be no less than 12 and no greater than 48, and the total of all the letters should add up to 120.

TOTALS: A =            B =           C =           D =