September 04, 2023

Fear in Sales

Ever wondered how fear might be influencing your success in sales? Should you act swiftly before fear arises or learn to manage it effectively?

Throughout my career, I've dedicated considerable time to understanding how our brains process fear and how it impacts our ability to sell. I use these insights to guide others, helping them harness fear to their advantage rather than being hindered by it.

My approach is straightforward yet effective: I meticulously perfect my sales pitches, establish clear and measurable goals for each interaction, and continually envision successful outcomes. While some might advise to act quickly before fear sets in, I firmly believe that understanding our brain's fear response can dramatically enhance our selling process.

A simple truth is evident: without setting up calls and meetings, achieving sales can be a tough job.

It's essential to find the right balance between contemplation and action. For instance, after every 15th sales pitch, I take time to reflect on the interactions, dissecting them for key insights and learnings to improve my future performance.