July 24, 2023

Fear and Anxiety: How They Affect You and Your Success

Fear and anxiety how do they affect you?
On a coaching call with the team at Lexus, we reflected on our last training session which was on Handling Fear.

The three types of Fear we identified and profiled within us were:
-The Fear of change
-The Fear of financial hardship
-The Fear of not being liked

So I asked the team if are they experiencing the fear of rejection or if is it the anxiety of not meeting their targets.

Interestingly some felt anxiety about not meeting their monthly targets and there was very little fear of rejection

This is an important distinction to understand for many reasons.

One main reason is you may choose the wrong fear to overcome when it’s not the root cause, so you actually never address the real issue.
This potential impact on you is you keep on experiencing the same issue and never fix it.

What’s the real cost?

  • Time

  • Money

  • Happiness