Our training attracts professionals from different fields who need to use communication as a tool to cause other people to change.

This particular program tends to attract people from many different careers… IT, car dealers, professional services (architects, engineers, accountants), bankers, funds managers, solicitors, real estate agents, property developers and human resources, to name a few.

Whether you need to understand the potential buyer sitting across the table or the star witness across the courtroom, ‘People Who Read People’ gives you actionable insight into others’ psychology and how to influence that person.

Our training programme is different in the way it was developed and what it attempts to tackle during the course of twelve months. Many programmes deal specifically with sales presentation skills – how you become more effective and sound better when you are face to face with a prospect.

This programme is different in that it covers the essential qualities found in the skills of masterful communicators. This programme was designed to not be about quick simple training techniques of ‘make eye contact’ and ‘don’t put your hand in your pocket’… but to essentially say that, you are a human being standing up to influence others with your communication behaviour. At the end of the day, influencing other people is about overcoming their beliefs, be it a customer or a family member.

By the end of the programme you will be a master persuader. This means more than just communicating with fluidity and conviction. It means you will know what strategy to implement in any situation and how to adapt it depending on your client’s response.

You will be a more vibrant communicator and be able to capture the client with a multitude of different techniques that you didn’t have available to you before. Additionally, you will be able to develop rapport with a diversity of client personalities, knowing how to engage with each person authentically and meaningfully so your message is heard convincingly.

If you were to talk to individuals who have been through the programme, they would all give you a very different list of benefits because they all came into the programme with different types of agendas. They were already successful in their careers, be it sales, management or service delivery. With these different agendas, they took the material and worked it in their own personalised way.

The programme offers a safe environment to receive constructive feedback on your existing techniques as well as coaching on how to incorporate Frontier’s methodology into your own behaviour.

To the degree that as a professional you use verbal communication and visible gestures to get a point across, then learning to read people is applicable to you. We have worked across all levels of organisations, in all job functions and across a broad range of industries.

The common theme is that we have helped our clients develop as professionals and as individuals, driving them to change old ways and adopt new habits. Our clients go on to more successful careers and relationships armed with a new-found mental resilience and winning mindset.