July 13, 2023

Enhance Your Sales Skills: The Role of Emotional Intelligence | Sales Psychology

Question for salespeople

How much has your sales skills and mentality evolved over a 5 year period?

A very easy way to think about this

You can link your sales success to the growth of your commissions as one measurement criteria to the growth of your Emotional Intelligence.

In fact we have the metrics to prove when you systematically improve certain areas of your EI you have an increase in sales if that’s what you want.

Data also applies to human behavior

For example we measure a person’s Sensitivity. This is not about how empathetic a person is but it relates to issues revolving around sensitivity. This trait is linked to salespeople having people pleasing tendencies and a dislike for straight talk.
Think about it if you’re a highly sensitive person how you would negotiate and importantly handle clients who are abrasive?
You’d probably get upset and find it difficult to move on.
Wouldn’t it make sense to fix this?

There are a number of other relational liabilities that I haven’t mentioned here that a Sensitive personality needs to address.

The insights you gain will have a dramatic impact on all areas of your life and importantly provide you with a strategy to change.

So you know what specific thing you have to do daily to improve

No wishy washy pump up motivational talk about telling you to grind away and work hard.

Did you exceed your income targets?

Why not do the free Emotional Intelligence test and see how you rate on 4 personality traits? CLICK HERE