July 12, 2023

Emotional Intelligence: The Cost of Losing Your Cool | Sales Psychology

What’s the emotional cost of not maintaining your cool?

If you are in sales …sometimes the stress of not meeting monthly targets can really affect us badly.

You might lose your cool and react to the smallest problem or irritation and blow it out of proportion…and it happens

At Lexus, I ran a training session on the Emotional Intelligence of Maintaining your Cool.

We profiled each team member's restraint levels and importantly techniques on how to stay calm under pressure, especially when dealing with demanding clients!

Importantly they were made aware of three things that can affect our ability to stay calm.

One of the most important benefits of being able to stay calm is you can listen without your thinking getting in the way.

You’re able to see and feel why the client is reacting that way and what that feedback actually mean rather than taking it as a threat or ultimatum.

This is what top negotiators and dealmakers can do under pressure.

The really good thing is these skills are transferred into your personal life as well.

You’d be amazed how becoming cool under pressure is a skill that will take you far...and is valued

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