September 29, 2023

Double Your Sales Without Any Sales Training

In the first 5 months that I have been training the team here at Hornsby BMW, zero focus on Sales Skills, and 100% focus on Mindset.

The result is a 100% increase in sales.

-No Sales Process taught
-No Presentation Skills taught
-No Objection Handling Skills taught


100% focus on Mind Management.
Hornsby BMW
Quentin Hayes
This is precisely why I'm deeply committed to what I do, witnessing personal and professional growth among my clients is my reward.

Imagine having the ability to develop a heightened awareness of your own thoughts and behaviours and the emotions they trigger…and then learning to adapt and consciously make the change.

This requires courage and commitment to change.

This is a work in progress, it really is a journey…of growth and happiness.

There will always be times when this mindset disappears, we are human, but knowing when it does and knowing what to do is the key to self-mastery and control over your thoughts...and how you approach everyday

It is unrealistic to think that you are always going to be in control and if you think this, then unfortunately you are operating from a fixed mindset. This is thinking IS irrational.

Here’s one of the lessons I have learned having played tennis at a high level and having a son who is on the ATP tour and interacting with many high-performance Tennis players and coaches.

Players who are not on the top spend far too much time working on skills and not enough on their mindset…learning to MAKE decisions under pressure.
The players on the top generally have the mindset sorted and work on strategy and tactics.

Can you see the difference? Training has to be strategic.

Sales directors and even salespeople spend too much time on improving skill sets and not enough on Mindset, generally hoping for a quick fix so they can get on to the important stuff.
The mindset is the important stuff, the only issue is it takes time to improve it, and it doesn’t happen overnight.