March 26, 2024

Do You Know Your Organisation’s Values?

Within every organisation thrives a delicate ecosystem, much like a thriving ecosystem in nature. At its heart lies a dynamic interplay between three essential elements: People, Values, and Systems.
Think about sporting teams that have or displayed this system at work like
the All Blacks, Melbourne Storm, The Golden State Warriors, The Patriots, etc.

People embody the lifeblood of any organisation. They bring with them a diverse array of skills, experiences, and personal values. Their collective energy and dedication drive the organization forward, shaping its culture and propelling it towards its objectives.

Values serve as the moral compass guiding the organisation's journey. They represent the fundamental beliefs and principles that define its identity and purpose. Upholding these values fosters cohesion, integrity, and a shared sense of direction among its members. Its also easy to see when organisations don't actually know or believe in their organisations values.

Systems provide the framework that sustains the organization's operations. They encompass the established processes, procedures, and structures that facilitate coordination, efficiency, and accountability. Like the intricate workings of a clock, these systems ensure smooth functioning and alignment that meet their standards.

To expand this point, I often ask people what they think are the organisational values of Apple, there is no hesitation in coming up with a ranges of answers, as if they work there. Interestingly Apple tends to attract people who want to "BE" those values.

Together, the synergy between People, Values, and Systems forms the foundation upon which organisations thrive and evolve.
If you want to explore and identify what are your organisational values and find out the impact of them on your people and business, book a call with my team today!