August 04, 2023

Do You Know How To Identify When Someone Is Making Decisions From Pain And Necessity?

Do you know how to identify when someone is making decisions from pain and necessity?

During COVID-19, people who were operating from pain bought necessities and were thinking about the future. They are looking for cost-effective solutions. Language markers like "need" and "necessity" can help you identify when someone is making decisions from pain.

When someone is working from a place of pain, they will be more likely to make decisions based on what they need in the moment. They might be willing to spend more money if it means getting a product that will help them avoid pain or discomfort now. This mindset can also make them more open to new ideas and solutions that might not have been available before COVID-19.

If you're trying to sell something that can help a person's current situation, using language like "need" or "necessity" will help them identify with your message and respond accordingly.