July 25, 2023

Developing Mental Skills: Embracing Fear and Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Are you running out of time?

Does the fear of change affect you in a way that keeps you on the treadmill?

The following videos clearly communicate that even the top sports stars experience fear

The only difference is that it’s a trigger to embrace the fear
It’s a trigger to learn
It’s a trigger to take action

The trigger is not about retreating

These videos clearly show how emotionally mature these sports tennis stars are at an early age. They are mentored well at an early age, whereas most salespeople have had little training in this area and yet are expected to perform.

Their Emotional Intelligence is at a level that most people would struggle to develop in their 40s.

This is one of the reasons why they are in that top 1%.
Their high level of Emotional Intelligence allows them to use their skills effectively and importantly control their emotions to execute under pressure

They are willing to pay the price
Are you?

You can clearly see they work hard
What you’re not seeing is the amount of work they do on their mind.
You don’t get to the top by sheer hard work. Everyone at the top works hard.

Do you want to develop mental skills like them?