March 18, 2015


While I was on the plane to Melbourne, I watched a movie starring Denzel Washington, The Equaliser.

Interesting movie for a number of quotes and lessons we all forget.

For those of you who have not seen this movie, he is a man who has capabilities to even the odds for people who are unfairly taken advantage of and helps them. A person who he works with wants to become a security guard but needs to lose some weight, so Denzel helps him to train and lose that weight.

A line he said resonated with me and really puts into perspective how we should consider developing new habits: "we are not after after perfection but progress".

So many people want to get everything right when they embark on learning something new and yet are not willing to take a chance to make a mistake.

I call it the Expert factor. Unless you can be an expert you won't attempt it. How limiting is that thought process. I don't know of anybody who gets it right first time. People need to understand whenever you embark on developing yourself, learning a new skill, accept that you will make mistakes, learn from them.

A week ago I ran a workshop on the Psychology of Successful Cold Calling for about 20 sales people. They were learning a new script, how to manage their mind, yet most of them struggled to accept that a big part of success is learning from failure.

It is only from taking action that you can learn.