July 11, 2023

Data and Psychology: How it Shapes Your Mindset | Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Is your psychology being affected by data? What this says about your mindset.

I’ve always been intrigued about highly resilient people, whether they are sales directors, sports professionals, CEOS, business owners or salespeople.

What makes them resilient?
Why certain people no matter how hard they work never achieve the success they crave.
How some people can overcome obstacles and get on with what they have to do. Now that is another topic.

Let’s put some context around this.
I’ve been speaking to my son who is making his way on the ATP Tour and he gave me an insight into how he feels about statistics in tennis matches and how this applies to Emotional Intelligence

For example when a player wins a first set 6-1, most people assume that player has won all the points on offer.
Wrong the player, that has won 64% of the available points. In fact the most dominant player on the planet Novak Djokovic wins 54% of points and he has the highest winning percentage.

The player that lost that first set 6-1 has two ways to respond they either
1.Feel despondent and give up OR
2.FEEL that turning it around is possible

So how does this relate to EI?

Well if you lack EI you’ll probably negatively react and it becomes a repeating PATTERN, because you don’t have the ability to think calmly and process the data, you make the wrong decisions… you give up

Well having profiled hundreds of salespeople with our quiz, we get insights into who will be successful in sales and who will struggle based on there numbers.

Data provides insights, importantly it also provides insights into how you can change and what things are likely to cause you to stress in a negotiation, even in a prospecting session. Who will avoid picking up the phone and who will love to do it.

Now I would imagine if you knew in advance the areas that cause you problems you could probably prevent or deal with them better right?

For example in a prospecting session you’re making the calls and you’re not getting any appointments, in fact the whole session is a disaster or was it?

How you look at your numbers will have a dramatic impact on your mindset to the next prospecting session, the next meeting even when you meet your partner at home or the kids.

Working hard is no guarantee of success, as on the ATP tour every player works hard, but very few make it.
So I suggest you get smarter about your learning and development and not leave it to hard work.

If you have the work ethic you’re 50% there so why not use that energy and achieve your goals faster without sacrificing your mentality?

The chances of succeeding are extremely high when you apply intelligence to your game.

Do the free EI quiz and find out a little about yourself.