May 19, 2020

Create New Grooves

I often see salespeople with a negative frame of mind.
This is completely the wrong frame of mind to have in sales. A large part of your role involves having the ability to adapt to changes in your industry.
Yet, we see it all the time. A salesperson does really well when the market’s hot. But when it cools down, they start to struggle because they can’t adapt. Adapting to change by learning new skills.

You have to change the mental dialogue you have with yourself when it comes to learning.
And have the approach that learning a new skill isn’t some laborious thing.
It’s fun!

Once you start to engage in this new mental dialogue, you create the capacity to change. You’re opening up new neural pathways that will make it easier for you to learn new things.
In other words, your frame of mind affects the behaviors that you develop.

Consider this like creating new grooves in a block of wood which are like ingrained habits. I often use a piece of wood and a knife to demonstrate this. Use the knife to create a new groove in the wood, use new learning to create new habits.
That groove represents the habits that you develop. When you start to think differently, you’re creating these new grooves inside your head which will accelerate your sales journey.

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