August 07, 2023

Confidence vs. Courage: Embracing Change in Sales for Better Results

What comes first…
Confidence or courage?

Quote. “There’s old saying if you don’t risk it you won’t get the biscuit”
Dr. Jim Taylor

So many times I see this play out when I’m running a training session.

There are some salespeople who take the change I’m proposing, a new technique, a different way to think and they give it a go.

They’re not sure if it’s going to work but they give it a shot.

What this also shows me is this person has an open mind to learning and risk.
I can teach this person more challenging things and they’re going to take the challenge

Then there’s the other person who resists trying something new because they won’t take the first step because they don’t feel confident and will stay stuck in the past. They’re actually displaying narrow-mindedness and are rarely open to feedback….and risk

This is one of the reasons why they prefer doing training that is the same version of something they already know. They just want to hear from the trainer information that they already know to validate their opinion. They want to say to their colleagues “See I was right “.

They want that certainty of feeling confidence before the act of doing the thing that will give them the true confidence

It’s kind of a confusing thing for them to deal with. They’re in sales, which is a profession based on success but they do everything to minimize their success, yet the people they sell solutions to want a better result. As a salesperson how can you deliver better and better results to your clients if you’re skills don’t improve? This is what actually separates you from your competition.

The courageous person is thinking about what could go right vs the pessimistic person thinking about what could go wrong

It’s a difficult subject…Change… for some

The sales profession is one where the only risk you have is not improving your game.

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