April 16, 2019

What Can Sales Managers Learn From the Two Secrets Behind Pep Guardiola’s Success?

Any soccer fans out there will likely recognise the name Pep Guardiola. He turned Barcelona into a soccer powerhouse before moving to Bayern Munich and doing the exact same thing.

Right now, he’s the manager of Manchester City. And he’s achieving just as much success there as he has elsewhere.

He’s an elite soccer manager who achieves success wherever he goes.

But what can a salesperson learn from him?

Here are two secrets to Guardiola’s success.

Secret #1 – He Adapts to Every Situation

Soccer is a fluid game. Every manager sets out their tactics before the match. And on occasion, an opposing manager gets the better of Guardiola’s team during the first half of a game.

Guardiola doesn’t just plough ahead with the strategy that isn’t working. Soccer star Dani Alves says that Guardiola will sit quietly in the dressing room and think for a moment. Then, he’ll spring into action and devise brand new tactics based on what he’s seen in the first half.

Salespeople can do the same thing. If you’re struggling, take a step back and assess the situation. Is there a common issue that’s stopping you? If so, how can you adapt to overcome that barrier?

Secret #2 – He Keeps it Simple

All too often, we overcomplicate what we’re doing as salespeople. Scripts get longer and more convoluted as we try to sell all manner of products.

Guardiola says that keeping things simple is key to his success:

“The basic concept…was that doing the simple things well gave you a 75% chance of winning.”

Keep your plan simple. Get all of the small steps right and you’ll increase your chances of selling more.