November 29, 2023

Can Emotional Intelligence Predict Sales Performance?

We all focus on measuring output.

The real issue is understanding and selecting salespeople who will not only keep going, but will thrive going after new business, while embracing the daily challenges of rejection, discount agents, difficult bosses, changing economic conditions and demanding clients.

Broadly speaking, we measure four emotional intelligence traits:

1. Sensitivity
2. Achievement
3. Logical
4. Energy

What we observed is, the salesperson who scored low in Sensitivity had the ability to move on from a “No” quickly and keep prospecting with a stable attitude.

The higher the person rated on the Sensitivity scale indicated a lower control over their emotions, taking rejection to heart.

This often impacted their prospecting activity levels, leading to a decline in productivity.

Having a low score on Sensitivity does not mean that the salesperson was less empathetic or caring.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

They genuinely wanted to help clients but moved on very quickly when they realised that the client was not ready.

Would you say this is true?