April 16, 2024

Boost Your Motivation with the E.A.S.Y. Method

Have you ever lacked the motivation to get started?
Imagine you’re a salesperson looking at your daily list of things to do and it is getting bigger every day.

Think about the time needed to:
-Organise yourself
-Make calls
-Set meetings
-Write proposals
-Follow up
And the list is endless

And you know if you don’t start, meeting your sales targets is getting further and further away!
I’ve been there…There's’ people telling you about choose your priorities, do the A things first, or the famous 4 quadrants by Covey.

The problem with all these is they don’t consider the negative mindset you are in. They all assume that your positive and motivated and you have your ducks in a row.
That’s far from reality that salespeople or anyone lives in.

How the E.A.S.Y. Method can help you in achieving your goals?
Well pretty E.A.S.Y. if you use my method. This method will get you out of the negative funk you are in and begin the steps to getting started.

Alana from Cutlers was introduced to this method, from prospecting to looking at her progress in her goals.
The EASY method is a way to manage your mindset and take action.

Each letter represents an escalation of action, slowly as necessary, with each letter linked to a corresponding script or action. I won’t bore you with the Psychology behind this technique.
The outcome is positive action done with the right intention.