November 07, 2023

Body Language Secrets for Winning Over Customers

How can you use your body language to influence customers' decisions? 🎯

Body language is a mirror of our mental state.

It can affect how we feel and how others perceive us.

If we're feeling stressed or anxious, our body language will reflect that. We may tense up, avoid eye contact, or fidget.

If you are anxious, not only will you communicate it through your body language, but the signal that you are anxious also informs your brain that you are anxious and what follows is a response to the client that is the opposite of what you want to happen. The first sign is the tone of your voice and pitch.
Then the following happens:

You might ask a question that is passive…because you are afraid of the answer
You might ask a question that is aggressive…because you are defensive

All from your body language.

All this does is make it difficult for our clients to connect with us, because, at the end of the day, they are also searching for someone who understands them.

As a salesperson if you don’t even know your own body language responses how will you read the clients?

I really need you to understand that Sales Training is not just about asking questions or closing, it's more about managing your mental state and one of the first places to start is to become aware of your body language.