June 23, 2020

Body Language is Important

As a salesperson, you need to master the arts of influence and persuasion.
However, you can’t develop those skills if you don’t learn how to read your clients. Specifically, you need to understand the important role that body language plays when dealing with a client.
The important thing to remember is that people feel first and think second.

Emotion will always hit before logic rears its head when you say something to the client. It may only be a momentary thing before logic takes control again. However, the emotional reaction will register first and it usually shows in the customer’s body language.

Here’s an example.
Let’s say that you’ve told the customer about the price of a product.

They’ll think through all of the benefits of the product logically soon after. However, you can tell if they resist the price emotionally by how their body reacts.
The most obvious cue is if they take a step back. In this case, the body’s almost physically resisting the information that you’ve just delivered. Usually, it’ll be a little more subtle than that. The client may turn their body or head away from you slightly, for example.

This tells you that they’ve had a negative emotional reaction to the message.
The opposite is true if the client moves toward you. For example, leaning their head in may be an indication that they want to hear more.

When they move towards you, they’re showing you that there’s no emotional resistance. They enter what we call “intimate space”. This means that they accept the information emotionally, which puts you in a position to influence them.
Picking up on these cues allows you to figure out where the client stands emotionally in regards to the deal.

You can then adapt how you communicate based on the impact your words have on them. Learning to read “tells” in people will give you the missing information that will help you to decide which way to close the client.
This is just one of the many ways you can use body language to influence a client. Click here to get started.