May 03, 2019

The Bizarre Rituals That Rafa Nadal Uses to Achieve Success (And Why Rituals Can Help Salespeople)

Any tennis fan knows the name Rafa Nadal.

He’s part of a golden generation of tennis superstars and his success on the court speaks for itself.

Importantly, Nadal is also a creature of habit. He has several rituals that he always follows before playing a big game.

Here, I look at what those rituals are and explain why rituals are such an important part of sales success.

Rafa’s Rituals

Watch Nadal whenever he makes his entrance onto a tennis court.

You’ll notice a few things. For one, he always carries one of his racquets onto the court. Most players bring all of their racquets in a bag and then select the one they’re going to play with once they’re on the court.

Nadal also has an interesting habit as he approaches the baseline. He’ll only ever cross it with his right foot first.

There are more. He’s always jumping and facing the stands whenever he takes off his jacket. He’ll continue that jumping as he approaches the net for the coin toss.

He even has a specific order in regards to when he drinks his energy drinks and water.

The Purpose Behind All of This

Many chalk Rafa’s rituals down to a desire to intimidate his opponents.

But that’s not the case. Rafa’s rituals are all about reducing his stress levels. He’s entering a big game atmosphere and his adrenaline’s pumping.

His rituals calm his nerves and get him ready to play.

Think about how that applies to your sales career.

You will always have to deal with stress in some form or another, especially if you want to achieve more.

It’s how you manage that stress that ultimately defines you as a salesperson.

Perhaps developing some little rituals of your own could help.