July 07, 2023

Beyond Skill Set: Developing Intuition for Success in Sales and Negotiations

Do you trust your gut reaction?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Listen to my commentary as my son is a hitting partner of a number of players at the United Cup here in Sydney. One of the players he hit was with Taylor Fritz ranked 8th in the world.

We’ve often been told that developing your skill set is crucial for success, be it in professional sports or in any business endeavor, especially in sales and negotiations.

The problem is most people don’t realise that in order to go to another level you need to go beyond a skill set and develop a 6th and eventually a 7th sense.

There are a number of people who say you need to trust your gut reaction and you need to get into an altered state.
The only problem with that is when you have to make decisions under pressure you can’t take a time out and have a nap and then think about it doing it next time. It’s too late.

You need to be totally conscious and aware of what is happening in the moment, & if you’ve been trained to perform under pressure you’re likely to trust your gut reaction and make that decision.

Why this is important in sales?
If you have the awareness and the ability to sense if the client will take your increased offer or not? What’s your first reaction if they say no?

Now review all your won and lost deals and think about it if it was your skill set or was it you that you had no intuitive feeling on what to do next when you were under pressure and you lost the deal?

Were you let down by your skill set or lacked a sense of understanding and weren’t able to Read the client?
That’s your first area to fix.