November 03, 2023

Are You Adapting to Buyer’s Needs?

There is no One-Size-Fits-All Approach.

Real estate agents have it easy when the market is at a peak.

They put a property listing up and the market does the work for them.

They don’t have to graft to get the sale. Buyers flock to them and make it easy.

But when the market bottoms out, that approach isn’t going to work anymore.

Despite this, many agents just carry on doing the same things they always did.

They advertise properties in the same way and don’t make any adjustments.

The mentally resilient agent does things differently.

For one, they recognise that they need to adapt so that they can negotiate better.

Buyers can’t get the financing as easily and they’re going to put a lot more thought into major purchases.

Think about it like this. McDonald’s has a one-size-fits-all approach.

They have their menu and you’re either going to buy from them or you’re not.

They’re not going to change their approach because it’s bringing success.

That’s because the customer only has a couple of factors affecting their decisions.

Are they hungry and do they have the money to buy the meal?

That approach doesn’t work in real estate.

Even if someone wants a property and can access the money, they have all sorts of other issues affecting their decisions.

Are they buying at the right time? Are they ready for the commitment?

How much of an impact will the purchase have on their lives?

Those are the questions you’re going to have to confront when trying to sell.

Resilient agents recognise this and account for it.

Are you a resilient agent or not?