About Us

Frontier’s approach goes beyond traditional teacher-student relationships by taking clients on a journey of deeper understanding and self-awareness. Nearly always alumni are surprised about the transformation in both their business and personal lives allowing them greater success in both.Just some of the outcomes your business can expect after engaging with Frontier are:

  • A winning mindset amongst employees at work and in their personal lives
  • A greater understanding of yourself and others
  • A clearer path to success with less anxiety and self-doubt

Senior executives through to in-the-field sales reps across nearly every industry have been able to improve their performance after their Frontier experience. The key to this improvement lies in their new-found understanding of the psychology of their customers but also, crucially, their deeper understanding of themselves.

We live in a highly competitive business environment. Access to information means your customers, sometimes know more than your staff about the range of products and services available in your industry. This means the days of training people in industry based programs is no longer sufficient. Training programs now need to evolve to a more sophisticated level to help you and your team deal with disruptive environmental forces beyond our control.