March 09, 2020

What Are the 3 Things Soccer Coaches Can Teach Sales Managers

Soccer coaches and sales leaders share similar traits. What’s more, they share the task of creating a high-performing team that gets results.

If you’re looking for leadership advice, there’s a lot to learn from soccer coaches. Here are three prime examples.


Setting the right formation is among a soccer coach’s most important decisions. It can make all the difference in the end result.

For example, 4-4-2 is a defensive formation. On the other hand, 4-3-3 pushes the strikers forward with a higher focus more on the offense.

In sales, this relates to retention vs. acquisition. To execute well, you need to have the right strategy and find the right people.


Expanding on the formation, a soccer coach needs to know which player to put in which position. 

You’d have to do the same thing in sales. Among your team members, you have those who are great at pitching, those who know how to land the final punch and close the deal, among other types.

You know your people better than anyone else, so make sure that each of them plays to their strengths in a way that achieves the desired results for the team.


A good soccer coach knows the value of studying their competitors. This gives them the upper hand they need to outperform the opposition.

If you’re not doing the same, you ought to start right away. This is crucial to identifying how you’re different from them and your unique selling point.

What’s more, it gives you a chance to predict threats and be proactive about them. 

Never underestimate your opponent, but rather do everything in your power to see how you can beat them before the game.

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