April 17, 2020

3 Sales Psychology Techniques for Your Sales Team

Sales is a mind game at the core. You need to get into your prospect’s head and see exactly what they want to hear in a matter of minutes. 

Thankfully, psychology has unraveled all kinds of techniques that can let you do this on a regular basis. 

Here are some of the best:

1.Be Optimistic

In sales, you lose much more than you win. That’s fine, because it only takes a few big wins per period to succeed. On the other hand, this can make it very hard to stay positive throughout the day. You might grow tired of rejection, with it your career.

This is why you always need to train yourself to remain optimistic. The energy of optimism reaches your prospect and gets them more excited about buying. Research shows that this is why optimists outsell pessimists by 20-40%.

2.Mirror Your Prospects

Mirroring people’s moves and expressions is much more powerful than you might think. A study examined its effect on the probability of reaching an agreement. Those who mirrored their partners had a 67% success rate, while those who didn’t only got it right 12.5% of the time. 

If you talk to someone face-to-face, make sure to mirror their moves as much as possible but without being too obvious. And if you only talk over the phone, do the same in your verbal expressions.

3.Ask a Lot of Questions

Salespeople know all about answering their prospects’ questions. On the other hand, they’re not as encouraged to ask questions.

A Harvard study has shown that people love talking about themselves. It gives them a sense of pleasure, making the whole conversation much more impactful. It shows them that you care about solving their problem, making them more open to buying from you.

There are all kinds of psychological tips that can boost your sales performance. See if you’re eligible for a complimentary training session with Frontier Performance and you can learn more of them.