March 12, 2020

The 3 Lessons from Tadashi Yanai (That Every Business Leader Needs to Know)

The founder of retail giant Uniqlo, Tadashi Yanai definitely knows what it takes to succeed in today’s business environment.

Famous for his work routine, Yanai has methods and systems in place that ensure extraordinary performance. 

Business leaders from all industries can learn more than a few things from him.

1.Change or Die

This is a famous philosophy of Yanai’s is highly important in today’s business surrounding.

If you look at the big picture, you can clearly see that the landscape is changing at lightning speed.

Consumers always want something new. As a result, the markets set new rules that you either create or follow.

If you do neither, you’re setting your business up for failure.

2.Mistakes Can Create Big Opportunities

When Yanai first registered his company, the name got misspelled. He had in mind Unico, which stood for Unique Clothing.

But when Yanai saw the name was accidentally written Uniqlo, he didn’t get mad.

Instead, he thought it was quite cool and different. He ran with it, which happened to set him apart from the crowd.

This shows that mistakes and accidents don’t always have to be bad. They can even be a blessing in disguise.

Instead of stressing, see if there’s an opportunity to explore first.

3.Know When to Start Over

It can be very discouraging to see your long efforts go to waste. Not willing to admit failure, you might keep going in the wrong direction.

But not if you take a page out of Yanai’s journey. In the beginning, his company bought up rejects from retailers and wholesalers for sale at a lower price. But the quality was so below standard that Yanai knew it wouldn’t go far.

This is why he decided to completely change the business model and start his own line. The rest is history.

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