April 07, 2020

3 Lessons from Sports Every Great Sales Manager Needs to Know

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lead a sports team? What might surprise you is that it’s not all that different than leading a sales team. Sure, the objectives are different, but the fundamentals are largely the same.

Both sports and sales teams strive towards bettering themselves in a competitive surrounding. This is why coaches and sales managers can learn a lot from one another.

Take a look at some tips that the best coaches use to build a high-performing team.

1.Build a Strong Foundation

Before someone can dunk, they need to dribble first. And before a salesperson can perfect their technique, they need to find the right one.

A good sales manager knows the importance of focusing on the basics. You need to slowly build your team’s skills and put special focus on the beginning. If the foundation is shaky, everything you build on it will come down eventually.

2.Don’t Bench Underperformers

Every team has a weak link. Not every member of those championship Chicago Bulls teams was Michael Jordan. And they didn’t have to be, as the team still won it all one season after another.

So who’s your weak link? It’s crucial that you find one, along with the top-performing members of your team. Teach them to lead one another and help them get better. Along with your own efforts, this will help your underperformers improve, raising the quality of your whole team.

3.Eyes on the Prize

Both sales and sports are about winning. So what do you do to make sure that your team does that? 

Make sure that every team member keeps a laser focus on their goal. Together, they should work towards common goals. 

But don’t just merely set goals. Track progress every step of the way and see what you can do to raise the bar even higher.

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