March 11, 2020

3 Habits Every Sales Manager Needs to Steal from LeBron James

LeBron James needs no further introduction. Even those who don’t follow basketball know who he is.

Few people have had as big an impact on the sport of basketball as him. 

However, like everyone else, LeBron James is a creature of habit. Let’s look at some of the habits that contributed to his outstanding success.

1.Sleeping… A Lot

You might think that someone as successful as LeBron James can’t afford to waste a lot of time sleeping. But for him, this is anything but a waste of time.

James often sleeps for 12 hours a day to replenish his energy levels.

Of course, not everyone will need this much sleep. But a salesperson does need to have a huge amount of energy and mental clarity.

To maintain yours, make sure to have a good night’s sleep whenever you can.

2.Knowing His Body

In James’ words:

‘The body is the number one thing. It’s the temple. We always listen to the body. If you don’t listen to the body, it will fail you.’

Some salespeople mistakenly let themselves go when they encounter a rough patch. They mainly focus on improving their mental abilities.

Don’t do this, as your body and your mind are inseparable. If you don’t take care of your body, your performance would be due for a huge drop at some point.

3.Spending Time with His Loved Ones

No matter how busy, James always makes time for those who matter to him.

This is something that a salesperson needs to do as well. In a high-pressure environment, he or she is pretty much bound to burn out otherwise.

Therefore, always make sure to spend some quality time with friends and family. Or even just by yourself. 

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