May 30, 2019

2 Secrets to Success (From Some of the World’s Greatest Team Captains) That Every Salesperson Should Know

Whether it’s business or sports, success doesn’t come easy. Only a select few make it to the top.

Is it just talent, or is there more to success?

Experience points to the latter. Who better to learn from than the world’s best team captains? Here are their secrets:

1. Staying Out of the Spotlight

Throughout history, Brazil has produced some of the best football players in the world. You don’t even have to follow the sport to have heard of Pele.

One of the best players of all time, he’s praised for his contribution to the team. However, he was never the captain.

While Pele dazzled with his talent, the person that held the team together was Hilderaldo Bellini. He was the glue that made sure the team worked as one. It just goes to show that great captains don’t care about fame. They’d rather stay humble and work hard.

Salespeople who are motivated by vanity metrics aren’t likely to succeed, at least not in the long run. They just focus on the wrong things.

What you should do is put in the work and let the results do the talking.

2. Communicating Practically

Most successful team captains aren’t that well-known for their elaborate speeches. This is because they simply don’t make them.

Instead, they speak concisely and with purpose. Baseball great "Yogi" Berra is a perfect example of this.

The New York Yankees stayed at the top through all his years with the team. At the same time, there were no grand speeches from Berra, just hard work and determination.

One of the main sales rules is that you need to communicate benefits to your client clearly and concisely.

Failing to do this might overwhelm them and result in a lost sale. Always try to say as much as you can in as little words as possible. It will make you sound more confident, and the clients will trust you more.

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