March 13, 2020

The 2 Best Baseball Analogies to Inspire Your Sales Team

There’s something about sports that’s larger than entertainment. In particular, sports and sales have more common than people may think.

This includes baseball. In fact, baseball players put themselves in similar positions as salespeople do.

Naturally, they also share a similar mindset.

Without it, a baseball player or salesperson wouldn’t be able to thrive. They can at best hope for mediocrity, which isn’t enough to succeed in any sense of the word.

Here are two things that illustrate the overlaps between baseball and sales.

1.Strike Out or Foul

Those few moments before a pitcher swings and throws the ball in the hitter’s direction can be highly stressful. You have to guess the pitch type and location if you want to have any chance of hitting the ball. The pressure is on.

There are two options if you guessed wrong: hope that it’s not a strike or stay alive by fouling it out of play.

The pitcher wants to strike you out, but you want to stay alive and see the next pitch. 

Salespeople face the same.

Their superior expects them to do the same thing over and over again. 

Not wanting to fix what’s not broken, some stick to outdated ideas. At the same time, others prefer to thrive by switching it up.

Like the best baseball players, you need to challenge this status quo and try something new. This is the only way to succeed.

2.333 Batting Average

Salespeople often frown upon failure. But in baseball, you can make the Hall of Fame if you only get one hit in every three at-bats.

That’s a .333 batting average, enough to make you an elite player. 

Salespeople can learn a lot from this. Don’t fear failure but embrace it as a necessary part of success.

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