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The Frontier Difference

Underpinning all Frontier’s services and an integral part of its people is an unshakable pursuit of excellence. With many team members’ backgrounds in competitive, high-level sport, a will to win is borne out in their passion for delivering real results for clients.
Frontier’s culture is one of continual learning where theories are tested in real-world applications, refined, adjusted and then relaunched. No matter how well a workshop, seminar or training was delivered, Frontier’s people will look for ways to improve it. Likewise, Frontier people learn from other leaders in their fields to bring thought-leadership to their programs.
The result is an ever-evolving suite of training programs that are continually enhanced to reflect latest best practice. For clients, this means you:

Realise the full potential horizontal

For a long time I struggled to meet targets in my sales job. This led me to hunt down people and knowledge that could help me to be a better sales person and achieve the success I craved so badly.

I accepted from many well-meaning managers that sales is a “numbers’ game” and to a certain extent that is true. However it was difficult to reconcile this with why the successful sales people were making fewer calls and closing more deals.

What I discovered was that these successful sales people were very good at reading people and themselves. They were able to take a potentially negative situation and change their mindset instantaneously.

The challenge, I understood, is that the sub-conscious finds ways to stop you learning new skills and changing your behaviour. The key is to learn how to manage your sub-conscious thinking, thereby reducing inner conflict.
– Pancho Mehrotra